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eine Frau  38 Jahre

54 Beiträge

jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 14.12.14, 04:08 Uhr

Ding Dong han view of revolution and Gucci Belt future Approaching the end of the year, han han wrote a few articles not articles, the opening article refers to talk about revolution, the feeling is very pissed. Buy it is so fucking article, draw eyebrows, why? Probably because he is a high-profile public intellectuals. Buy from the point of the article itself, he is called the father-in-law of intellectuals only fifty meters. Some kind of people to defend him, think he cast in the brick, Buy his brick has probably not jade, Buy more hard bricks.
First of all, I must certainly, his point of view, there is a market also resonate in some, fake gucci belt some views and even a lot of sense. For example, replica gucci belts he says, revolution and democracy are two nouns, these two nouns are not equivalent, can bring democracy revolution does not guarantee that. From what we know several times in the history of the Replica Gucci Belts revolutionary practice, does not necessarily bring democracy revolution, like this sentence.
Even the most of a democratic revolution, and has experienced long after unrest and political compromise to gradually establish a more mature democracy. As everybody knows, here refers to the xinhai revolution. And about the consequences of the democratic revolution, Replica Gucci Belts people have a deep-rooted feelings, must be known. And he said, for example, the revolution is a sound very generous passionate and seems to be an immediate vocabulary, Buy revolution and Gucci Belt is not necessarily a good choice.
Also, I think, that kind of generous passionate revolution, in contemporary Gucci Belt really is not necessarily a good choice, Buy the reason is not like han han said: anti-corruption appeal not durable, and freedom, justice, and not the market, especially the reaper Oriental revolution must be terminating.
As for what reason, below us again. For example, he was profoundly pointed out that the key is for the most Replica Gucci Belts death never quiet, a pair of others only a disadvantage to their head will widely spread-and deeply felt behaviour, unity up the rest of my life. Replica Gucci Belts people don't unity, a fragmented demeanor, lack of cooperation, unswervingly selecting YiGuJin, the earth person all know, this is also why such as a large country, Gucci Belt is much smaller than they are of the Japanese invasion of the important reasons for the long time.
Just front of snow, which tube tile frost on others, is Gucci Belt national universal national psychology, it can almost become a consensus. In an interconnected world, so selfish and diaphragm, want to achieve the common goal, there is a difficulty. He also said that democracy is a complicated, difficult and inevitable social process, is not a revolution, universal suffrage, multi-party system, overthrow, these blurt out simple words can be easily reached. Indeed, democracy is a great goal, in the process of implement it, need a myriad of sacrifice and hard work, and do not revolution, universal suffrage, multi-party system and overthrow the simple sum of elements of XX, and so on can be reached. Can say, on the above several views, both han and I have the same or similar views. Buy replica gucci belts more is divided.

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