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eine Frau  38 Jahre

54 Beiträge

jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 14.12.14, 04:09 Uhr

Han the objection to revolution is given, the anti-corruption not endure, free and fair market, revolution will eventually lead to a tyrant. Contrary to his, I think, is the most powerful revolution against corruption, is also the most immediate weapons, can stimulate the public hate and most will, at the same time free and fair, is the common desire of all Replica Gucci Belts people have always been. Rebellion or revolution in the history of success, is the effective use of public antipathy towards high ruler, and puts forward the ideal of justice and freedom, the taiping heavenly kingdom movement, the revolution and the new democratic revolution. Reality, rampant corruption, hinder civil liberties and freedom of the press, the rule of law is not follow and disparity between the rich and the poor phenomenon, make clean politics, freedom and social justice, as people strong desire.

When these aspirations can't satisfy, the result will be a people to rebound, and even trigger a revolution, when the revolution is careerist use, can produce new tyrants. Han deliberately relationship between democracy and freedom. He set out from the so-called public morals, don't think democracy will bring freedom. In his eyes, in addition to people with ordinary Replica Gucci Belts people want freedom, is free, free to cross the road, free, replica gucci belts free illegal to spit, free of drill holes and free run amok of various kinds of laws and regulations.

These views, he is standing on the position of the elite, in his eyes, is despised the general public, think they in addition to the inferior freedom, don't need any political freedom; What they care about, is your eyes to enjoy, rather than the common interests of the whole society; The Replica Gucci Belts people has its own definition of liberty. Since he came to the conclusion that democracy is so bad, lead to the kind of freedom, the Replica Gucci Belts people and necessary to the pursuit of democracy and freedom?

I am very surprised that he should have this view, presumably he had from a public intellectual battle righteousness for the interests of the public the truth, change to a defender of the class interests of the owners of their own. About this, he had made a further discussion, he believes that the revolution will lead to new predatory grant Thornton, by Robin Hood, achieve the goal of the revolution. As is known to all, han han is the success of this society, wealth, already is not purely intellectual.

To remind the people revolution will lead to dire consequences, he is threatening to emphasize that the torrent of the revolution, you have an apple mobile phone, you are driving motorcycle, you'll even get to the Internet, you usually buy the newspaper, eat KFC, you are rich, and even have the ability to read the article on the Internet, are filled with sin was revolutionary object.

Through this passage, he advise that the majority of the society, don't believe that the revolution, and to preserve our sanity, satisfied with their current material enjoyment, and not to mind their own business, the pursuit of universal value or the public interest. Egypt, Libya is one dictatorship decades, not the city, an event as a critical point, a square to speech, can successful revolution. I don't know really know how much han han to Egypt and Libya revolution, replica gucci belts to jump out of this.

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