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eine Frau  34 Jahre

54 Beiträge

jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 20.12.14, 04:42 Uhr

Any country to achieve long-term development, overcome the difficult in this process, find a consistent with their national road of development, cannot leave the open, all rivers run into sea, on everything from outside criticism and blame the sound of a tolerant, happy, and have the courage to face problems and errors, and attitude of self-repairs. Buy our country in the face of outside criticism of silent, good kind help, we can see us convinced this behavior as the persuasion, Buy prefer to shelter evil people and practices, whitewash, not only to face and admit themselves the deficiencies and even wrong, also accused the U.S. of interference; Thank some americans not only great effort on this issue, Buy also actively article naming Mr (I mean the American ambassador to Louis Vuitton Belt Gary Locke).

It should be said that the United States in dealing with the issue has been a good restraint, the whole process under the secrecy, for some people to save face. There is no doubt that Salvatore Louis Vuitton and Cheap Louis Vuitton Belt events is a large scar on his face in Louis Vuitton Belt, treat the causes of the scar, no public criticism in the United States, don't blame the Louis Vuitton Belt For government, and of course from the perspective of international law, they also have the right to the government of a country to do so. Buy Salvatore Louis Vuitton problems, is a personal safety and freedom, is a problem confronting the whole of mankind, and which is not the issue.

Authorities for a long time, although has the ability to fully Buy did not intend to provide security for Cheap Louis Vuitton Belt personal safety and freedom, it is obvious to the facts. Even Salvatore Louis Vuitton what SINS shall be through formal legal channels to solve, and not illegal house arrest, openly to reproach. This kind of behavior in the Unit ed States, in history is a get some people to understand. Is, xinhua daily on July 4, 1943, written by MAO zedong personally editorial notes that the United States is the core of the free world, the patron saint of democracy, the friends of the people, dictators of the enemy.

All of the feudal autocratic rulers when a thorn in the side of the United States. The us is an example to the successful mode of human society. Say much good? ! fake louis vuitton belt In today Louis Vuitton Belt rulers are actually don't know this? Not much at home for their children and grandchildren, have been sent to the United States, or other western countries. Even on their own under the domestic environment, cannot be trusted with what want to let the 1.3 billion Louis Vuitton Belt For people to do so? Human is a big family, in the entire history of the earth, people each other, go hand in hand.

For some common problems and needs all mankind together to find a way to solve, especially when a certain part without ability or the willingness to solve, intervention by external forces to promote solving, is beneficial to most people.

Louis Vuitton Belt human rights, democracy and freedom, social justice, the official is a nice words, Buy 1.3 billion more have their own national heart a steelyard, anyone don't have a way to tamper with the 1.3 billion any forces the sincere feelings of the Louis Vuitton Belt For people, at best, replica louis vuitton belts they can represent in the form of strong the feeling, as they often do.

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