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eine Frau  37 Jahre

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jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 24.12.14, 03:29 Uhr

Established by the general secretary of the central committee headed anti-corruption anti-corruption central steering committee, reset the central affairs commission, to strengthen the supervision of their own, to prevent and punish corruption and waste. In the field of economy, the emphasis should be to speed up the research of land law, modify, supplement and perfect the relevant land laws and regulations, in order to overcome shortcomings at present there are still at an early date; To promote the real estate market stable healthy development, to ensure that the country, the interests of citizens and investors.

In the field of people livelihood and social, to the problem of wages and social policy in 2020 to the discussion; Priority compensation in the adjustment of civil servants, armed forces, promote the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, the implementation of the state-owned enterprise restructuring projects; As soon as possible to formulate wage system reform in 2013-2020 and other related projects, fundamentally improve and guarantee the people livelihood, to ensure that people income, education, health care, housing, water, information and other vital interests. From the point of the effect of the plenum to Vietnam ruling party has continually, steadily and effectively promote the reform of the strong will and specific measures, is can feel the sense of crisis and sense of urgency.

To amend the constitution, we still do not know the specific content, Buy Ferragamo Belt Vietnam to build guarantee system of national comprehensive development, adhere to the intention of the rule of law is very clear; General secretary headed anti-corruption anti-corruption central steering committee, and rebuild the central affairs committee, under the direct leadership of the political bureau of the central committee, for the mechanism of the anti-corruption, although is not very thorough, Buy Ferragamo Belt to a certain extent, reflects the Vietnam the corruption of the ruling party sincerity; For 2003 "land law" revise and supplement, highlights the rural reform in Vietnam is currently faced with the bottleneck difficulty, must from the system and the system level and then take a big step forward, to establish private land ownership as the core of the system of rural land system, eliminate the fundamental obstacle to rural reform;

Construction of the people livelihood and social reforms, expression of Vietnamese authorities tried to the social injustice, strengthen the income redistriBuy Ferragamo Beltion, positive efforts to improve the livelihood of the people level. These undoubtedly is the core of the countries in the reform process, reflects the political, economic, social and other aspects to consider.

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