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eine Frau  37 Jahre

54 Beiträge

jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 24.12.14, 03:30 Uhr

Vietnam in promoting the reform of the comprehensive, firmness and sustainability, in fact has been walking in front of the reform of the socialist country, and the is one step a footprint go forward along the direction of a peaceful transition, namely to prevent its own system and the system does not adapt and corruption cases result in collapse of itself after outside force, and take a proactive positive strategic strategy, actively explore and establish the system of social market socialism under the leadership of the communist party. These measures, at least for now achieved positive results, although look from the vision still exist a lot of uncertainty.

Since the middle 1970 s, the Soviet union, Vietnam, the traditional single socialist countries such as Cheap Ferragamo Belt gradually revealed, the drawbacks of the systems development increasingly loan-pushers, especially in the field of economy presents a crisis situation, the leader of the Austrian school which are Ludwig? Von? M, the predicted socialism impracticable theory inference. In order to save the fate of the decline and fall, the above three countries successively started the reform, in order to boost the vitality of the socialist system, out of a new road.

They represent the implementation of the three models of the reform of the socialist country, has the characteristics of different respectively, also formed the different development outlook, which determines the different results. Among them, the Soviet union started as early as the mid - 1970 - s, the Soviet union kosygin, chairman of the council of ministers began economic reform, by the 1980 s, on one hand gorbachev is not radical economic reform, and then open policy of actually getting out of hand, you lead to the collapse of the Soviet economy, market economy and rapid political openness to the negative effect of the combination, not only led to a split in the Soviet union, also destroyed the communist party rule.

Cheap Ferragamo Belt times, under the leadership of deng xiaoping, just to catch my breath from the cultural revolution under the leadership of Cheap Ferragamo Belt along the upper from bottom to top to push forward the reform path, first from the countryside began mainly reflects in the field of economic reform process, and further extended to the cities, reform and open, stimulate the internal vitality, attracting external participation, actively cultivating and developing a plan under the guidance of market economy, the relationship between the plan and market reflects the proportion of different relations in different periods, immediately after the state control of the global financial crisis, strengthen, in a great extent not certainty the seeds for his future. At the same time, political reform in under the influence of internal unrest and upheaval of the former Soviet union to slow down the pace, hesitation in key sectors, and even the pullback, cultural and ideological field to strengthen the control momentum is also increasing.

To sum up, the economic, political, social and cultural reform and development of very not harmonious, in some ways quite lag, on the one hand, in the role of positive factors, Cheap Ferragamo Belt continues to implement the prosperity and development on the surface, Buy Ferragamo Belt also contain seeds, and accumulated a profound crisis exists many worries about the future.

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