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eine Frau  37 Jahre

54 Beiträge

jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 24.12.14, 03:31 Uhr

Vietnam open later than both the sino-soviet have innovation. After a long war and turmoil, Vietnam national economy to the 80 s of the 20th century has been in a crash. At the time of the situation, without reform, unsustainable;

Without reform, it must die. Vietnam innovation and opening up is from these mistakes and a corner of it, as well as on the background of the international socialist movement down, also want to domestic microclimate down from Vietnam. In the Soviet union between the two countries face difficulties gradually plan reform, economic development, especially in Cheap Ferragamo Belt at that time in the preliminary oil-driven economic reform inspired the Vietnamese authorities to huawei, in 1986 officially launched the Vietnamese on the Viet cong six of open innovation, according to the operation of market mechanism, by the national management, adhere to the socialist direction, various components of the reform and development of commodity economy general line from this set.

Vietnam have issued a series of important decisions, decisions, and laws and regulations, such as "decision about expanding independent state-owned enterprises", "the foreign investment law", "the distinction between the decision of the national bank and commercial Banks function", "the official confirmation peasant households have fully autonomous operation and the decision of the long-term use of cultivated land rights", etc.

These on the early implementation encountered many difficulties, Buy Ferragamo Belt to build a market system to establish the necessary foundation. 1991 of the communist party of seven and the following eight, nine, ten, and the Viet cong 11, and continue to open to innovation, make the deployment, and in the political, economic, social, cultural and other fields to achieve the breakthrough, ruled out a large number of structural and institutional obstacles, create positive conditions for national development, created the economic boom, since Vietnam makes it one of the most dynamic regions in Asia, second only to Cheap Ferragamo Belt economic growth, in the field of politics and culture than Cheap Ferragamo Belt more active. Especially Vietnam in 2008, facing the economic crisis in the preliminary and realize the smooth development of the economy, the economic system through the real test. Vietnam innovation and opening up and have a lot of typical characteristics of the transitional period from the essence, embodies the Vietnam ruling party to achieve the smooth transition of the country efforts.

Established direction of it is that our people for the construction of socialist society the people rich, strong, democratic, fair and civilized as the goal; People take leadership, adhere to the public ownership as the foundation, the main production data to modern productivity achieve highly economic development; With full of rich ethnic characteristics of the advanced culture; People live food and clothing, freedom and happiness of life, to achieve all-round development; The domestic various national equality, unity, mutual respect and help; Construction of the communist party leadership, belongs to the people, rely on the people, serve people of socialism country under the rule of law; With people all over the world to establish friendly relations of cooperation.

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