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eine Frau  35 Jahre

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jacketsy ist normales Mitglied   

Verfasst: 08.02.15, 03:11 Uhr

In the downstream water attack sand beam at the same time, the field. Deepened the shunt way, increase in jiangbei water, reduce salinity, nantong as jiangnan seven county. 4. Be deepened on the right bank, increased shunt. The taihu lake area will comprehensively dredging, dredging fields. HongShuiYi export suzhou creek and LiuHe TaiPuHe may not be entered, so as to avoid flooded downtown Shanghai. Three, the Yellow River is the world optimal river, present it as HaiHe, I water the stigma of scholars. It is no less water sand, in the history of north and south flowing form 25 square kilometers of huang-huai-hai plain, the world largest delta. Two dam heightening gradually into a river, Buy Hermes Belt it provided a gravity colmatage main canal, enough to lift the north Replica Hermes Belt plain, the current lack of lack of fertilizer and restore the grand canal. Should be distriBuy Hermes Belted into the north and south of existing water sand each genre: canal, ma cheek river, gates, Jia Luhe, guo river, etc., and thereby colmatage fields, and improved the areas of thirty million mu. The shunt gate sill set lower to brush deep channel, increase flood capacity, so the river. Levee must be raised no longer, change to the freeway. Plain to the overall development, can increase support and a half million people. As shown in the theory of huanghuai haihe river management and the overall development of huaibei plain, the main measures are as follows: 1. Open the levee around 20 gate, low sill shunt brush deep channel, the north 20 billion water, a shunt south 10 billion square. First open the people ShengLiQu brake, diversion of tianjin; Then open canal between the north and the south gate. Nuns take compound section, hold the low water along the shore. 2. Stop the xiaolangdi dam, a switch to sanmenxia dam, restore its design feature, and weihe groove, deep yellow brush to ensure that the upstream farmland. 3. Stop the eastern route project, water can only be used to draw lixia river region. The project, pumping 70 meters water head, economically not feasible; To restore the grand canal in the future, including the north and south, the project will be most dismantled. The project is wrong. 4. On the grand canal, this line moved to the black dragon harbor. 5. Repair the levee and the original canal plateau three expressways. With three. With our respect. Mr Huang at tsinghua university in Beijing, November 14, 1992, the second: on February 14, 1993, on November 14, 1992 had letter of chang-jiang Chen water conservancy aspects such as the three gorges dam will not repairable, enclosure Jane release the related technical problems, no reply. The prime minister has to hankou began preparations for the construction. Here I would like to once again solem nly, responsible for warning: construction of the dam is peaks, please fast decision to shut down, otherwise the dam into water will lead to serious trouble.

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